Suffering thru work til 3pm, when I have the go-ahead to leave, w00t. Most everyone has already left for a "meeting" or some such nonsense. So, I put on my iShuffle.

The weather null and voided any normal road-rage I might have had this morning. I actually WANTED to get stuck behind cars turning from my lane.

My sister is due to pop out a little boy this Sunday!! OMG. I'll be an Aunt Kris in no time. Hasn't sunk in yet. I'm just waiting for the call in the middle of the night from my Mom all happy and stuff telling me my sis is in labor. :-) Life is good.

I think tonight holds a wide-open balcony door, Caps game on the tele, lots of beer and wine, and the company of the best guy on earth.


I LOVE snow, but why does it have to happen on a WEEKEND?!? I want to use the snow excuse to ditch work. Ugh. I had plans for this wkend that I'm probably gonna have to cancel now. :-(

Mr. Snow, you're awesome, but can't you hold off till Monday?!?! PLEEEEEASE??

Waiting... home...for our new bed to be delivered...playing WoW...

I hate waiting...but at least laundry and some other chores are getting done. I guess I shouldn't complain TOO much since I'm actually home and all, but I hate not being able to do anything cuz I have to sit and wait.


Fuck you News Channel 8 for not carrying the Caps game cuz of the st00pid Bush Address. And a big FU to the Wizards for sucking up CSN. And another FU to Cox for not having MHz2 to watch the game on tonight.

All I wanted to do after a hell day at work was chill with my fave boy and watch zee hockey game. :(

They're SOOOOOOOO lucky Ovechkin is not playing tonight due to injury...and Zubrus!! Poor groin..and FU Shittsburgh for causing that!!

Just a big FUCK ALL Y'ALL!!

I'm really not in that bad of a mood, I just hate some shit.



A giant chip is lifted off my shoulder. FINALLY they won at the game I was at yesterday. Thank gawd!! More fookin' awesome seats, too. :-) Now I guess I need to go to a lot more games, darn!!

No Ovey goals, but he did assist. Speaking of Ovech, entropicalia, where's that pic of you both?!?!?


ididntd0it just scored excellent seats for Sunday's Caps game. And a cheer for him:

"C" "A" "P" "S" ..... CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!

Thank you Sweeeeeeetie!! =D

Now, to see if I am the Caps curse. If they lose again, I am the reason. :-\